This ultra-aesthetic temporary material combines 5 plus layers of colors into one disc, giving the restoration the most natural look possible

working procedere


Instructions for milling:

Clamp the PREMIOtemp disc into the machine according to the milling machine manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the bright, translucent side of the disc (for the incisal area) is facing up.


Finishing after milling:

To remove the milled restoration from the PREMIOtemp PMMA milling blank, the holding sprues are cut off with a fine cross-cut tungsten carbide bur.
If white spots, caused by diamond tools, can be seen on the surface after milling, these spots can be easily removed with a tungsten carbide bur, without effecting the quality of the restoration.



PREMIOtemp restorations are pre-polished with a suitable silicone polisher and/or a small goat-hair brush. As polishing compounds, the standard acrylic polishing materials are used, that are usually suitable for intraoral polishing.
Excessive heat generation during polishing needs to be avoided at all times. Careful polishing is absolutely necessary to achieve a perfectly smooth surface to avoid plaque accumulation and its negative consequences.



For cleaning, the finished restoration is put into an ultrasonic cleaning unit for one minute. The alkaline cleaning solution must have a concentration of not more than 10%, the liquid temperature must not exceed 40°C. Steam cleaning results in heat and compressive stress and should be avoided.