pulsed micro arc dental welding units

the primotec dental phaser welder based on pulsed micro arc technology are optimized for easy, fast and reliable welding of all types of dental welding jobs


  • The only dental welding unit that combines four different welding modes: pulse arc, micro arc, contact and pin welding
  • Further improved pulse shaping technology for even stronger and cleaner welds
  • First time applied for dental welding: high frequency pulse overlapping for even smoother and denser welds
  • Three different ignition modes = soft – normal – deep for optimized welding spot size
  • Most reliable ignition in the micro level. At the same time high power reserve at the high end
  • A high pulse frequency of 2 Hertz allows fast welding where it makes sense
  • Very clean and oxide free welds due to the Argon gas being led precisely to the welding area right through the handpiece
  • Maximum flexibility as the handpiece can be either free to move or fixed in the handpiece holding arm
  • Both microscope types are mounted on a precision milled swivel arm
  • High power LED lights provide a perfect shadow and glare free illumination without heat development