broadband dental lab light curing units

gentle and distortion free polymerisation of all light cured dental materials was the defined goal for developing the metalight dental lab curing units

metalight classic

The metalight classic provides the largest polymerisation chamber, with sufficient space even for a complex full size articulator.

Twelve UV lights arranged in a circle, combined with special paint inside the chamber, provide ultimate light power within the spectrum of 320-400nm (optionally 320-500nm).

The metalight classic is designed for easiest operation. The desired light curing duration (5, 10 or 15 minutes) is simply and comfortably selected on the "easy-touch" operating panel. The curing process starts automatically once the top is placed on the unit. The light and cooling system is microprocessor controlled to ensure perfect polymerisation and reliable cooling even though the light curing unit is constantly in operation.

The top cover with integrated UV filter allows direct observation of the polymerisation chamber in order to easily control the light curing procedure and the function of the UV lights. A built in filter protects the chamber and cases in polymerisation from laboratory dust during operation.

perfect cooling

perfect cooling

... innovative cooling system for gentle polymerisation due to constantly low polymerisation temperature

the big space light curing unit

the big space light curing unit

The metalight classic provides sufficient space even for a complex full size articulator

Item #: ML100